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goo n : any thick messy substance [syn: sludge, slime, gook, guck, gunk, muck, ooze]

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Etymology 1

American English, known since 1903, probably from burgoo (1787) "thick porridge" ; possibly an alteration of glue


  1. In the context of "uncountable|informal": Any semi-solid or liquid substance; especially one that is sticky, gummy or slippery; frequently of vague or unknown composition, or a bodily fluid.
    I stepped in some goo and had a terrible time getting the sticky stuff off my shoes.
  2. excessive, showy sentimentality
Derived terms
sticky or gummy semi-solid or liquid substance


  1. To apply goo to something.
    They gooed their hair with some fragrant styling product.

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Etymology 2


  1. An example of baby talk.
    The infant's goos and gahs were endearing.


  1. To produce baby talk.
    The baby gooed, causing the parents to make sappy faces at it.

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  1. the board game go

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Goo is a term for a slimy, shapeless mass.
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